Capital Alignment

Capital Alignment

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Certain BGA Affiliates (Headwaters MB and de Visscher & Co) have a proven track record assessing and satisfying the capital requirements of growing businesses. They assist clients in evaluating capitalization alternatives, and structuring and obtaining the capital funding required to support numerous goals. These can include obtaining capital for internal growth, expansion of domestic or international business operations, research and development, strategic acquisitions, restructurings or buyouts, and/or the creation of liquidity for certain shareholders. BGA’s focus is driven to help reduce a company’s weighted average cost of capital, while also providing capital adequacy for growth and operating requirements, as well as shareholder liquidity needs. Through these BGA Affiliates, clients receive assistance identifying funding sources, and in evaluating funding alternatives to determine optimal structure, cost, and terms.

BGA's corporate finance and investment banking affiliates have the know-how, credit quality assessment skills, business valuation knowledge, capital market contacts, resources, and tenacity needed to structure and secure the funding commitments often required to ensure the right capitalization for its clients. Those BGA Affiliates can provide counsel and execution assistance on a host of company capitalization matters, including:

  • Business credit quality and valuation assessments
  • Corporate finance and capital adequacy issues
  • Assessment of debt and equity requirements
  • Optimal capital structure and cost of capital analysis
  • Identification and evaluation of sources to provide senior debt, mezzanine, or equity financing
  • Accessing Private Family Office Capital as an alternative to institutional capital or private equity funds
  • Capital placement assistance
  • Preparation of business presentations and funding requests
  • Maximization of working capital through refinancing
  • Financial structuring alternatives and negotiating strategy
  • Historical financial analysis and projected future performance forecasting
  • Capital budgeting decisions, including funding alternatives for planned expenditures
  • Ownership and shareholder issues, including structural and liquidity consideration
  • Inter-generational capital structures to support the long term ownership of a company
  • Due diligence or valuation services related to capital acquisitions or expenditure
  • Cash flow improvements obtainable through restructuring of current funding

BGA or certain of its affiliates have also researched and developed access to a significant number of family offices, multi-client family offices, private individual investors and foundations, and certain institutional capital providers that are supportive of family-owned and privately owned companies. Company Capitalization is one of the Seven Critical Elements for successful Corporate Development and Generational Transition Solutions. We will be pleased to discuss our qualifications with you.